Economic Analysis

In addition to clinical and patient reported outcomes data analysis, assessing the economic burden of a type liver disease or performing cost-effectiveness analysis of different treatment or management strategies are of great importance to fully assess the comprehensive impact of liver disease. Members of COR-LD have been leaders in this field. The team has performed some of the earliest economic analysis of HCV and HCV treatment. Furthermore, the COR-LD team has been the first to economic impact of NAFLD, NASH. Additional analysis includes cholestatic liver disease, complications of cirrhosis and other liver diseases. The team uses both Markov Model-decision analysis to estimate the economic burden of liver disease or cost-effectiveness of treatment or screening strategies. Furthermore, they have used extensive administrative databases with payer data (Medicare, National Inpatient Sample, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey) to assess the economic burden of different liver diseases. Member of COR-LD have also pioneered strategies to combine clinical, PRO and economic outcomes to provide assessment of Value of treatment strategies in liver disease.